HFF-Romance of Summer: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Hiya Guys!

Summer emerges with glorious bright days but sprinkled with the occasional days only by shade and a gentle breeze. It is said that Misaki Ayuzawa of Seika High, is as intense as the scorching sun. Renowned for her reputation as the “Demon President” due to her extreme hatred for men and unbelievable strength but has a secret (evidently stated in the title)

Takumi Usui enters as the calming breeze, the popular heart-breaker, who just seems to knows all of Misaki’s weaknesses. His endless teasing is always successfully penetrate her tough exterior resulting to sparkles of cuteness.

Meet anime’s power couple:
[What you expect]Kaichou-Wa-Maid-Sama-maria-050801090907-25385107-1280-720

[What you actually see]


The bright vivid colour palette is evocative of a field of flowers on a Summer’s day. It’s cast of charming and whimsical characters provide a very lively atmosphere for this couple to flourish. This series further inflates my hopeless romantic perspective of love (no wonder I’m still single).

Maid-Sama quickly became one of the most popular romance animes within a year or two after it’s original run in 2010, and with good reason – it’s undeniably adorable. It’s a series that would make you smile and your heart flutter involuntary.

Unbelievably enough, my brother – a severely harsh anime critic, regularly re-watches the series. I guess even every heartless person needs a regular dose of anime sugar.

[Realistic depiction of seeing yourself drunk on camera]

Personally, I cannot express my complete affection for this series and I undoubtedly recommend it. I guarantee the majority of you would highly enjoy watching this couple bloom, the manga eventually warps it off as a lovely bouquet.

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