HFF-Romance of Spring: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo

Hiya Guys!

Spring is finally here (in the UK at least)! The season of light, warmth and blossoming flowers. This calls for the seemingly carefree romance – Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Great way to start the season with a beautiful array of colours and joy from both of the two adorable openings.

Personally, I used the first opening as my wake-up alarm, bringing positivity and excitement every morning. The two endings are without a doubt a prefect addition to the end of each episode wrapping the end of each episode at more mellow note. Reflective to the reminiscent feeling of looking back at good youthful memories that unexpectedly bring a smile to your face (hints of what’s to come).

I shall proceed to uncontrollable dote over the amazing crisp animations – the expertly crafted use of bright pastel colours is a refreshing change compared to the regular anime colour palette.

Welcome to Sakurasou of Suiko (Suimei University of the Arts).The cheapest dorm that hosts the most peculiar and troublesome students. Sorata Kanda is forced to moved into this unfamiliar territory after keeping a stray cat in the regular dorms. He encounters  Mashiro Shiina, who despite being a world renowned young artist has zero life skills. The anime and light novels explores the miscellaneous adventures of Sorata frantically attempt to get Mashiro to get her head straight.

[Sakurasou Family Tribute]

The characters are a mixed bag of Haribos, each are a handful of random sweetness with some pieces you absolutely love with others you don’t like as much (*cough cough* coke) but in the end of the day they all have their own unique charm.

Each them are extremely endearing in their own way but there are two major camps regarding Sorata’s love interest similar to the heart and egg Haribo conflict. In the red corner is Mashiro Shiina, the ‘ditzy prodigy’! And in the blue corner is Nanami Aoyama, the ‘aspiring tsundere voice actress’!

[Mashiro Shiina Tribute]

In all honesty, I couldn’t choose so they both became my waifus (Apologises in advance)…

[Nanami Aoyama Tribute]

But I digress, evident by my excessive gushing over the anime, I highly recommend this anime to everyone. The series does an amazing job in evoking strong emotions that we have experienced before from gregarious bliss to excruciating disappointment.

Go ahead and watch it whenever you’re up for a spectacular series filled with a big dose of laughter and a pinch of pain…


Credits to myself – 5 hours worth of work

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