HFF-Winter Honourable Mention: Say “I Love You”

[Overdue Update]
Hiya Guys,

Say I Love You is rather more realistic compared to the naive depictions of romance displayed in the majority of the animes under the same category. A girl with trust issues Mei Tachibana being seemingly pursued by Yamato Kurosawa, a known playboy (not in the PG sense).

Personally, the characters seemed like cardboard cut-outs, however, many people may beg to differ (please don’t kill me). The characters aren’t exactly likable similar to certain people you encounter in your daily life. The anime tends to draw certain parallels to reality. This might be the exact reason that it doesn’t appeal to me as I rather be snatched out of reality.

[Tribute to these two cuties]

Despite, my personal distaste for the series, I have to admit it expresses the ups and downs of a semi-realistic relationship. At some points it even frustrates you but thats how emotionally invested you are into making relationship to work out.


However, if you like romance with a double dose of drama and a sprinkle cliché then Say “I Love You” would provide you with what you are looking for. For the exact opposite I direct you to Ore Monogatari!!.

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