HFF-Romance of Winter: Kimi ni Todoke

Hiya Guys!

Being in the midst of the Winter season bringing a chilly trail along with it. It’s essential for a heart warming romance that is able to reach the coldest of hearts. Therefore, without any further ado I introduce Kimi ni Tokode, one of slowest yet most beloved romance known to man.

Personally, it’s extremely hard for me to re-watch animes, no matter how much I love them. It is as though it’s physically impossible for me to. Kimi ni Todoke is one of the few exceptions.

It has the very reminiscent feeling of the refreshing cool air lingering in the air towards the end of Winter, as the Spring sun and flowers begin to bloom.

Behold main innocent shy female protagonist, Sawako, which translate tolively pleasant child’. However, contradictory to her name she is commonly known as Sadako due her striking resemblance to the horrifying character from The Ring.


She befriends and slowly falls for popular nice guy, Shouta  (who evidently likes her). Sawako with the help of her ‘delinquent’ friends explores these new feelings and hilarity ensues.


Despite following the typical shoujo cliché of shy girl meets popular nice guy, the anime succeeds in making extremely lovable characters. It’s the character development and interactions that makes this anime so endearing.

[Here’s a tribute to Sadako’s Sawako’s cuteness.. XD]

WARNING: If you can’t handle romances that develop at such a leisurely pace over the two seasons then it might be quite frustrating for you to watch. However, if you do persevere the anime may hit a little soft spot in your heart.

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