ONE OK ROCK – 35XXXV TOUR (09/11/2015)

Just to make it clear I am not a regular concert-goer, I just don’t have the budget nor get permission to go otherwise.

So, this is once in a blue moon experience for me especially when it is ONE OK ROCK,  a Japanese rock band, popular for their fusion of Western and Japanese rock, with influences from Linkin Park and Coldrain. They are also known for “Mighty Long Fall”, the theme song for the movie sequel of Rurouni Kenshin.

10/10 Best Camerawork EU

Japanese bands performing in the UK are quite the rare occassion as most usually just perform in Japan or neighbouring Asian countries instead, with the occassional American tour. Luckily, I live in London so if there were a European tour then they are bound to stop over.

ONE OK ROCK was the first rock concert I’ve been to, this was on December 16, 2014 @ The Electric Ballroom, Camden Town. It was an unforgettable experience, I had the post-concert blues for a couple of months and had flashbacks of my amazing time there. I was super excited for this one.

Excitedly Anticipating the Show

It definitely didn’t fail to impress me. Despite, moving venue and date (to the day before) due to the original venue, The O₂ Shepherd’s Bush Empire  having structural problems a few days before the event was moved to O₂ Forum Kentish Town. In my opinion, was super fortunate for me but understandably not for others who couldn’t attend, as it meant less people wrestling for the front of the stage. I also escaped the dreaded parent’s evening, which was originally going to be at the same night as the concert… Let’s just say if I went parent’s evening before the concert, it would have been impossible for me to attend.

Only decent picture I could take…

The energy was ecstatic and was on full on Rock Mode from the get-go. This year the crowd was more vicious than last year’s (2014) with at least 5 people around me either fainting or getting injured. The great supporting acts, We Came As Romans and Dead! provided the fuel to get the engine going. I shall later post a detailed account of me and my brother’s dangerous endeavour for the elusive towel from the lead singer, Taka.

Spoils of War

To sum it up: It was crazy rock madness.

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  1. Hello, I’m an one ok rock fan from Google image and saw the source of the cover picture for this article. I like this cover picture so much that I just want to request for your consent to allow me to apply this picture for personal use. I just want to diy it into my laptop protecting shell. Would you mind me using this picture? I will be much appreciated if I can get your permission!


    1. Hey,
      I’m flattered that you’ve asked me as a ONE OK ROCK fan, you are very much welcome to use it.

      If you want to I can send you the Photoshop document? :3

      I’m soo excited to see them in London this December, again.


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