Korean Festival (09/08/2015)

Trafalgar Square is the ever-most popular hot spot in London with many events occurring every few days, this summer’s biggest event without a doubt was Pride and the Korean Festival.

When speaking about Korean, I’m definitely talking about South Korea – the home of sexy K-Pop groups and some of the most hardcore players in the gaming world *cough cough* Faker, herO and Life.


Central London was buzzing with energy and excitement with free performances from the break-dancing tournament to f(x) – KPop group not to be mistaken for a mathematical function.

The square was divided into different sections to explore, with The Contents Zone offering free gaming fun. The Tourism Experience Zone offering cultural teasers, such as traditional fan making and trying on traditional Korean attire. The Brand Zone offering tech goodies from Hyundai Motors and LG Electronics. The Food Zone surrounded by the hungry masses dying to have a taste of the enticing aromas emitted from the stalls.

It was a fun day to drag a friend out of the house, surrounded by people of different walks of life all having a common interest about Korean culture. A good day to socialise or just chill and enjoy the free entertainment.

Being in Central, I obviously had the Asian obligation to grab a cool cup of bubble tea to temporarily forget the intense summer heat.