EGX Rezzed (13/03/2015)

If you’re lucky you could find a teacher who openly express their interest in videogames or secretly encourage it. That’s exactly how I managed to get the opportunity to attend and discover the Indie mashup that was EGX Rezzed.

A certain teacher was offering students to leave school early on a Friday to get an ‘insight into the gaming industry’, which was true to some extent but obviously the majority who signed up just wanted to play the games on offer (myself included).

This very nice teacher gave us the tickets and left us to explore Tobacco Dock, London, who I later spotted her smiling with her mini Dynasty Warriors suitcase.

EGX Rezzed Tickets

The venue had a nice layout with big pathways and spaced out rooms, it was quite spacious as it was formerly a warehouse for imported tobacco, hence the name. I can’t describe it exactly as it was a relatively unique venue, it was a brick building with steel structures on display, it had rooms (former vaults) packed with demos and open sections for stalls.


It had a nice array of independent creativeness with developers willing to express and explain the baby they’ve spent hours and hours in creating. This gives games a more personal touch, making you realise that they are making games to express themselves and share it to others, but of course getting some money to pay for their time and efforts would help also.

There were two games that was already gaining a lot of popularity – Life Is Strange and I am Bread hype was lingering in the air, especially at this point PewDiePie and other countless YouTubers had already played both of these games. I would unfortunately miss out on the LiS: Episode 2 conference with developers that would occur on Saturday.

I was equally disappointed in failing epically on the I am Bread speedrun, missing out on the chance to win a goody-bag and t-shirt, as well as the best prize of them all… a jar of jam. I’m not a fan of jam (I honestly despise it) but it was limited edition jam, what could get better than that?

Overall, I was happy that all the games available was easily accessible and weren’t completely overshadowed with more popular demos, giving each little booth some time in the limelight, no matter how brief it may be.

Harto Boyfriend was surprisingly sitting humbly in a corner which I found pretty amusing, seriously, a bird dating sim? It is just complete genius in my book (of nonsensical humour).

The open atmosphere of the event was pleasant allowing you have the freedom to explore the diverse indie world at your own pace.

The 11th British Academy Games Awards was held here on March 12, 2015 and is also next year’s venue on 7 April, 2016.